Multilingual survey script with the MaxDiff module and measurement of response times

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Product group

Product group

Survey scripts

Project deadline

Project deadline

5 days


Preparation of CAWI survey script in 3 language versions with MaxDiff modules and measurement of response times and with a component for selecting keywords in the presented concept.

Provide a tool to control the implementation of the study (including stratification quotas) and to download test data in SPSS format on request.

Case study

As part of regular cooperation with the company Difference, we received the commission to prepare a multilingual survey for an international survey. The test was repeated. The challenge in this project was to design the software solution in such a way as to allow easy script modification in time due to the different language versions and the presented concepts. The study used research techniques such as Maxdiff, response time measurement, and evaluation of textual concepts. The script also randomized the elements assessed by the respondent.It should be noted that the success of the project was also influenced by the high quality of the questionnaire sent by the client.

Pracownik SoftArchitect

Kamil Mularski

Data Management Consultant

Our activities

  1. methodological and technical consultations with the client
  2. developing a survey script in the OnFly tool using a template dedicated for the client (colors and logo of the UI)
  3. integration of the survey with selected sample providers (market research community panel)
  4. providing a test link
  5. providing a tool to control the quotas in the study and to view implementation (including statistics of short filling-in times)
  6. providing the OnDemand tool for exporting survey results in SPSS format on request.


We have been working with SoftArchitect for nearly two years in the field of programming scripts for CAWI, CATI, and CAPI surveys, and we have recently also used software written by SoftArchitect to run online research communities.

We recently hired SoftArchitect to write script software for a very difficult project for the Belgian market. As part of the project, SoftArchitect IT professionals designed the CAWI questionnaire using advanced data collection techniques, such as Maxdiff with redirection of result parameters to further questions, advanced dynamic filters, a tool for selecting keywords in the text, and response time measurement. It should be added that the CAWI script was written in the three different languages used in Belgium.

We rate our cooperation with SoftArchitect very highly. All projects are implemented reliably, on time, and with care for the highest quality.We also appreciate that SoftArchitect is constantly developing and modernizing its products and applications, giving us new possibilities in data collection using various techniques.

Piotr Jakubowski

Managing Partner

Difference Sp. z o.o.

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