Contact form for respondents of the ESS survey

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Product group

Product group


Project deadline

Project deadline

2 weeks


Prepare a form for contact with the respondents selected for individual sampling in the ESS survey, including three categories of contact results, provided by the Ordering Party.

The application was supposed to:

  1. operate offline and online,
  2. collect results into one data set together with information from the sample, and
  3. be integrated with the CAPI interviewers’ application
Case study

We were able to complete the commissioned software project in such a short time because we have a wide range of proprietary tools for collecting and analyzing data.

Pracownik SoftArchitect

Andrzej Michalik

Data Management Consultant

Our activities

  1. design of the application and contact form
  2. contact form software
  3. integration of the contact database with the research sample
  4. installation on 500 interviewers’ computers
  5. preparation of a tool for exporting data on request.


SoftArchitect created the software for our contact form for respondents of the ESS survey with the option of exporting data at any time to Excel. The order was carried out professionally and, above all, very quickly, which was crucial for this project.

SoftArchitect offered an attractive price for their services. SoftArchitect’s employees have very extensive experience in various research fields, which means that at the project planning stage they offer better solutions than the competition.

Marzena Pilarska

Research Manager

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